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Dual Wielding With One Sword

I have been watching a lot of Avatar lately so I would assume that most of my ideas, at least for a little bit will be taken from that show.  In the show Zuko has a sword.  For all intents and purposes it is a single sword.  When it is sheathed it looks like one sword, handle, hilt, and blade.  The difference from most swords, as you might guess, is that it can be split into two.  How sweet would that be, you are fighting some mob say as a warrior or tank type.  You have a dual sword in one hand and a shield in the other hand.  You get your defense bonus from your shield and all the abilities from using a single handed slashing weapon.  The fight is lasting longer and longer but you have almost finished it off.  Instead of having to drag out a new weapon, and putting up your shield or whatever it is you have to do, your sword would become your dual wield weapon.  Picture this, your shield being thrown around you to your back and you would see the shield graphic.  You would then split your sword in two giving you added offensive bonuses so that you can burn down the mob you are facing.  I don’t know about you, but that would be sweet.


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