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Food And Drink

I played a little bit of Age Of Conan when it was released.  I think this game has a lot of potential in about a year after they work out all the bugs, like any other MMORPG I suppose.  I do not know if this was a glitch or the way it was supposed to work or whatever, but sometimes when I died my food/drink stayed up, and sometimes it was gone.  This got me thinking a little bit about how food should work in a game.  Now I suppose when you die in real life your food is going to be gone, no brainer.  So what should happen to your food when you die in game?  Should you get to keep it, cause it’s annoying to be caught in a death loop of some kind and having all of your expensive food/drink used up.  Or should we be following a more true to life example and every time you die you lose your food/drink.  When I started writing this post about two minutes ago, I was in the thought of hell yeah you should keep get to keep your food/drink, because I know from experience that it sucks to have to put food/drink back up, not to mention only getting like five minutes out of it.  I am not sure how objectionable I am going to be on this little blog I’ve started, but I suppose here I can be.  There are a couple solutions, or I should say thoughts on how the food/drink scenario should be handled.

There is the most straight forward approach, you either get to keep all food/drink, or you don’t, simple enough.  One approach could also be to have a character, lets say a shaman in this instance, that can buff you and/or your group to be able to keep your food/drink when you die.  I think that could be kind of cool, though it might bring up some other problems, but we’ll just stick to the topic at hand and bring up the potential problems of why you shouldn’t give someone a buff just for the sake of giving someone a buff.  Another alternative would be to have your food blessed, or created with the sole purpose of being able to remain after death.  So a priest or shaman could bless your food/drink, before you consume it and it would stay with you, again keeping in mind the buff for the sake of a buff thing.  The other half to that option is the creation process.  A baker or cook, or whatever you want to call the artisan could be able to create two different versions of food.  One could be everlasting beer bison steaks, and the other just beer bison steaks.  The former of course costing more to make and being harder to create needing a higher level, or ingredients or what have you.  This again has it’s own consequences, most namely having to carry a bunch of different recipe books, and then there’s the economy.  If you have the ability to make the everlasting one, but no one will buy it because you have to charge too much for it since it costs too much to make, people will just buy more of the non-everlasting one because in the long run it will be more cost efficient to pop a new food/drink every time they die then it would be to buy one of the other.  That of course is just a chance scenario that you would never really be able to predict without a lot of play testing.

Those are three options that you could possibly use in the food/drink scenario.  Tell me what you think, or better yet, throw in your own opinions and thoughts.  Would love to hear from you.


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