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My thoughts about what a MMORPG should be.


Animations of SBAs have always been sort of hit or miss for me.  EQ2 had some really cool animations for fighting that was a big step up from what I saw in EQ.  AoC had some impressive animations for the majority of its actions as I am pretty sure that most or all of them were motion captured.  With the way games are progressing and the hundreds and thousands of motion capture animations that games are using now, mocap should be the rule and not the exception when it comes to animations in MMORPGs.  Prince of Persia had some of the coolest moves I have ever seen in a game.  I remember a couple of times when I was watching/playing the game and a kill animation happened and I was just dumb founded by how fluid and graceful it looked.  I do not think that I have had the same reaction to any animation of an MMORPG.  Now I know that there is a very distinct difference in what can be done in a set single player game with no other variables to contend with, but this is what I want in a MMORPG, not what is necessarily possible in a MMORPG.  Animation numbers should be into the thousands.  All classes should have a multitude of class/gender specific moves as well as a set of general animations for all characters.  Animations rank right up there in importance as anything else and there should be no end to the amount of mocaps that are used in a game.

Let me know what you think about animations in a game, what you like about them, what you don’t.  What was the coolest animation/move that you have ever seen or done in a game.


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