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Are There Ever Enough Options?

When I first started playing Everquest I played nonstop. I loved every minute of it. I thought that the characters were good, the classes were awesome, and the look was good. I then started to play more and found out that in the end, most of the characters will eventually look exactly the same. That sucks. Everyone wants a character that is unique to them. A reflection of who they are and what they stand for both in game and out. I do not want to have to look like everyone else simply because that is what the best armor looks like. I want options. I remember playing my bard and was trying to pick out a couple of weapons for her to use. On the one hand I had two bad ass looking swords that looked awesome. On the other hand I had a blunt weapon and something else that while not as magnificent looking, had better stats. Form over function. I took the form part and chose the two swords. There in lies the problem that plagues a lot of people. I want a certain look that armor A gives me, but I want the stats that are on armor B. Everquest tried to remedy that with augments and things, but most of the augments sucked and so you still basically ended up with the same thing. Another concern was the helmet. It is rare unless you have a full set of something that you would actually want a helmet to be showing. Helmets traditionally in video games are never something to be proud of. Most are ugly and too big for your character and just plain suck. There were a handful of graphicless helms in EQ that everyone tried to get. They weren’t always the best helmet, but if you wanted at least some benefit of the armor without the graphic, you dealt with it. Eventually they added an option to hide your helm graphic and that was a good day indeed. It seems that has become the standard in games now and if it’s not it should be. This option should however go many steps farther. I always complained that more slots should show up as a graphic on your character. Basically it boils down to your chest piece, your helmet, footwear, and maybe a cloak, or gloves or shoulders, or forearm, but never usually more than one of the last three items. In Age of Conan ( AoC ), they did a better job, and I think almost everything showed up that you had equipped when you were playing. Some exceptions to this is that some necklaces didn’t show up when you had certain chest pieces on. I have no idea how hard this would be to do, and I am going to just blindly assume that it can be done, but for whatever reason it just hasn’t. I want an option to have everything show and everything be hidden. I love playing a ranger in the majority of my games. I have a very distinct albeit stereotypical image of what I want my ranger to look like. The problem with that image is that I haven’t really been able to recreate that image, without scouring every single item in game and sacrificing stats in order to get the look right. I want no gloves, one forearm guard on my left arm, some type of jewelry on my upper arm, no shoulder pads, a chest piece without straps over the shoulder, a skirt built in or not built into the tunic, and sandals that wrap up with leather laces up around my calves. I want a choker and maybe a couple rings. Oh yeah, and an anklet. As far as I know, I will never be able to get all of that. AoC had a good start. I had a cool tunic, the strap shoes, choker, and at least some sort of variation on the arm guards. However, I haven’t found what I’m looking for, and that’s a shame.

So with all of that in mind this is what I want in my game. I want an option to have either all items showing, none showing, and/or the option to pick if I want each individual piece to show. I want two forearm slots instead of one. I want 10 ring slots or at least more than two, I want earrings ( I know some games have them ), I want bracelets, anklets, hell, even some sort of glasses depending on what era I was going for. Wait, it’s my game, I want glasses damn it.

Bottom line, I want options, I want to be so overwhelmed by options that I would rather just click the default button then wade through the options.

Let me know what you think, what options do you want? Are there ever enough?


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