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My thoughts about what a MMORPG should be.

Ranger Abilities

There are two things that I want a ranger to be able to do.  The first is to be able to use an arrow as a weapon.  The second is to be able to split my bow in two and use it as a melee weapon.

I think it was in Lord of the Rings that Legolas used one of his arrows to stab the eye out of an orc and then turned right around and shot a different orc.  On that same note I should be able to pull an arrow out of the ground or out of a dead body and use it again.  That is if you have to keep ammo on you.

I do not remember where I saw someone break their bow in half and use it to fight with, maybe it was Smash Brothers, at any rate, that was awesome.  The use of your bow as a melee weapon would satisfy my want to always use a ranged weapon to fight with.  Granted I am not shooting my bow, but I am still using my bow to fight with.  I imagine stealthing to lay a trap down or like a bomb and running away, bomb/trap goes off and mob comes running after me.  I turn quickly and fire a couple of shots off slowing the mob down just a little bit.  I stop and turn firing off more arrows until the mob finally reaches me.  I split my bow in two doing a 360 turn slicing at their knees and chest until I finally bring the mob down.  Maybe it sounds like a Prince of Persia move or some single player canned animation move, but who’s to say that I can’t have something cool like that in my MMORPG.

Let me know what you think about those two abilities.  What would you add to them or take away from them?


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