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Shot On The Run

Should a ranger be allowed to shoot and run at the same time.  Everquest thought that it should be an AA ability.  AoC thinks it shouldn’t happen.  I think that it should be allowed at the very least.  Maybe it does need to be a skill.  Maybe something like this…

Level one you receive Shot On The Run.  You are able to shoot while running but it slows down your movement speed, your accuracy sucks, and your damage is very limited.

Level two your movement speed increases.  Level three your accuracy increases.  Level four your damage increases.  Every level I would want to have either a set skill increase or the option to increase any of the skill.  Three skills, movement speed, accuracy, and damage.  Every level I would get say three skill points.  If I wanted to be able to run faster up until I get all the way to my normal run speed, then I would just put all my points into that skill.  If I wanted to increase my accuracy than I would do the same as my run speed and so on.  Maybe we hit the normal level of run speed, accuracy, and damage at say level 40.  I think that is a good base, after that to increase it any more, well maybe not run speed, have the skills cost double or triple the usual amount to bring  your skill up past your normal level.  That might not be very plausible, to increase your damage or accuracy to be higher than if you were standing still, but it’s just a thought.

Kiting mobs is one of the abilities of a ranger.  I do not know if it is part of the original plan of the ranger, but over the years it is what has happened.  A good kiting ranger takes practice, skill, and a little bit of luck.  Maybe we should make kiting an actual ability.  You could go into a kiting stance or mode where you get the slow ability on all of your shots, run speed buff, shot on the run buff, and then you would lose say a percentage of experience, or something else make it a longer reuse or make it only last a certain amount of time.

Let me know what you think about a ranger being able to shoot while running


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