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Skills, Buffs, And Abilities

I would say with any class in 80 levels there is maybe 20 good skills/buffs/abilities (SBA) that are worthwhile.  All the others are just junk that devs put in because they wanted you to reach level 80.  I want all my SBAs to be awesome.  I want at least one new SBA every level, and I want them to be useful.  There have been many many times that I get a new SBA and I’m like, what the fuck do I do with this.  It only works on one type of mob and I have never even seen this mob ever.  Most games have alternate abilities to help to make your character more unique.  While this is done with good intentions, it never quite works out well.  The great majority of the time all you get is the same characters just with more of the same identical SBAs.  In EQ there was no limit to how many AAs you could have so eventually all people in the class will be the same.  In EQ2 there were limited amounts of AAs you could earn and so therefore you had to choose what SBAs you wanted to get with your AA points.  My dream is I want the choices to be so hard that you have to stop playing the game and sleep on your decision because every option is so intriguing.  Using EQ2 as an example, there were like five or six trees that you could go down.  Basically you could get all the way down on three of the trees.  Usually for each class there was a set of three trees for offense and a set of three trees for defense.  The other two or three trees never got touched unless a person just wanted to be different.  If I was using trees I would want them to be setup in a way that you had to put some real thought into what tree you would advance down.  Even in the trees that you wanted there were always one or two SBAs that sucked that you just took because the end result is what you were after.  I wouldn’t want that.  I would want to sit down and really figure out what it is that is useful and that people would want.  I want the choice to be tough.  In later posts I plan on writing down my thoughts on what SBAs I would want for my classes.  I should probably write down what classes I would want to.

Let me know what you think about the SBAs.  What have been your favorite ones, what would you want included in your game?


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