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My thoughts about what a MMORPG should be.

The Assassin

The assassin is one of the best and worst classes that any one has ever created.  On the best side you have the sheer awesomeness that an assassin brings.  Sneaking through the dark, coming up behind your unwitting foe and slitting his through in one motion.  On the worst side is all the hype and all the crap that people want an assassin to be able to do.  I think all assassin classes start out with good intentions but eventually get so distorted by the whining and bitching that players do that developers would rather cater to the whims of the people in fear that they might quit playing, then stick to their guns and make the class that they have always wanted.  So what is an assassin?  I think most can agree that assassins are skilled, crafty, and sneaky.  Here is my rambling on what I think an assassin in a video game should be.

Assassins need to be able to sneak and hide period.  Maybe they should be the only class that can sneak and hide with the exception of maybe the ranger.  I am not talking about invis that casters get, but being able to sneak through the shadows through no other means than being able to blend in with their surroundings and being lite on their feet.  I want to be able to sneak up behind someone and cut their throat in the middle of a group and then being able to stealth all in one move without alerting the people that are standing a foot away from them.  I want a kill shot at close range.  I want sneaking to mean something and have it not just be an ability that they have given to me.  If you can get exp for killing something, I want exp for sneaking past a mob and not killing them.  I want to be able to pick locks.  I don’t want it to be some stupid ass skill that never gets used.  Having all chests locked and needing a rogue type to pick it is sort of cool, but I want more than that.  And on the chest thing, if it’s locked, it should give something better.  If you have to bust it open then you should lose something, or it should have traps on it, but only when the loot is good, not the trash that you get from low mobs.  Just on big bosses and things where it matters.  On the lock picking here’s the scenario I want.  I want to be crawling through a dungeon and get to a point where you can go one of two ways.  Path A leads to the dungeon boss.  Path B leads to a treasury full of stuff.  Path B is locked.  I want the assassin or rogue in my group to have to be good at picking locks and will have to pick it in order to get the riches.  Everquest did this a little bit, but I don’t think it was very well received and therefore was never used.  I do not really ever remember a time where it was crucial that we had a rogue in our group to pick that lock.  There are two sides to that one, but I will talk about that later.  I want my assassin to be disguises.  I think in EQ2 there were so many ways to cast an illusion on yourself that it didn’t mean shit.  I am talking about actual disguises.  I want to be able to kill one guard to the castle, steal his gear and then try to walk around the courtyard free reign as long as I pass all of the disguise checks or whatever is in place so that I can’t always walk around wherever I want.  I want my assassin to be able to throw things.  A lot of emphasis is placed on range combat but only with bows or xbows.  I think thrown weapons can be just as cool and effective as bows if developers want them to be.  Why can’t I have poison dipped throwing darts, or be able to aim at a mobs foot and root them with my doubled edged throwing knife?  Why aren’t there more skills or abilities associated with throwing weapons.  I would want my assassin to be able to throw a few ninja stars at a guard pin him to a wall, run up to him and shank him in his side and then run off laughing as he bleeds to death hanging to a wall.  I want languages to mean something.  EQ had tons of languages to learn but it was very rare that it meant anything other than it was cool to know elder dragon.  Using my disguise I would want to learn say orc, steal an orc disguise, and be able to talk to the shop keepers in an orc village.  Or something along those lines that make these skills worthwhile.

That seemed like a lot of words so I will end it there.  I am sure I will be back to talk about assassins more as I think the potential is more than there to make something really great.  Let me know what you think about assassins or the rogue class.


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