Where’s My Game

My thoughts about what a MMORPG should be.

Where Should It Start?

I have thought about creating a video game since forever.  I am sure that anyone that has ever played a game or games for any length of time has dreamed of making a career out of designing video games.  I tried my hand in programming in college, but that didn’t quite pan out the way I was hoping.  Later on I learned that there were more things involved in game creation than simply programming.  Artists, writers, and designers are just three of the may jobs that are needed to create a successful video game.  Many arguments can be made on what is the most important part of a game.  Some will say the art or graphics.  Others will say the game play or content.  Others still will say the story is the most important part.  In essence all of that is true.  Without amazing graphics no one will want to play because they do not want to look at the same tree or landscape or armor over and over again.  Poor content will only leave players feeling let down and bored and even if the game has the most amazing graphics ever seen, with nothing to do, no one will play.  A great story line is compelling.  With great writers it will fully engross players into the experience letting them feel as if their characters accomplishments were their own.  If I had to start somewhere though, it would probably be the art.

I am not talking about the graphics and the landscapes and things but what your character looks like.  I am by no means the end all be all of the gaming world and I will never say that I am.  I have however played a few games and of them my favorite has always been the RPG and more recently the MMORPG.  There is a lot as to why I like them, but I will stick to the topic at hand.  My biggest thing in games, like most, is my character.  I want a character that reflects anything that I want my character to be.  If I want a shady assassin wielding daggers with one pointing up and one pointing down wearing a hood and a cape, then I want to be able to do that.  If I want a sorcerer with smoke radiating out of his very being, eyes burning, then I want that to be able to happen too.  I do not think I have ever really had a time in my gaming life where I thought, man, that is too many options we should take some of them away.  Most of my knowledge will be pulled from the Everquest series of games as that is what I have played the most.  I know I know, there are older games or more standard RPG’s and things, Ultima or D&D or whatever else people think should be the standard of what a MMORPG or RPG game should be.  I know Everquest, and therefore will be writing about what I know.

I suppose this is about where my post should end, and my new post will be about what I want my character to be like.  Let me know what you think, what is the most important aspect of your gaming experience.


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