Where’s My Game

My thoughts about what a MMORPG should be.


Maps are a big part of any game. With the size of worlds in most games it is near impossible to keep track of yourself all the time and knowing where you need to go. Some games have sign posts, some have landmarks or other indicators of where you are and need to go. EQ didn’t have any maps unless you used a third party program. At least I don’t remember too many maps and if there were any they were player created and not always overly good. EQ2 had maps but I do not remember if they were for all zones and I do not remember if they were overly good either. AoC had maps straight out of the box for almost all areas if not all areas. I think that maps should always be part of a game, but I think they should be handled a little differently.

Maps should have to be earned. You should start out with a map of your starting location and that’s it. Now all maps will have been created by the developers and will be available either by buying them or a preferred method by crafting them or questing for them. It would be cool to have quests to get the maps you need. Maps for big worlds, maps for dungeons, maps of buildings.

Picture this. You assemble your group and inform them to meet at your house at 10:00 p.m. You all show up and crowd around a table. You, the party leader, whip out a map from your backpack ( shown graphically by the way on your back ) and unroll the plans of a castle you want to siege. It shows guard rotations, loot chambers, more important mobs, and you would have the ability to find weak points in order to get into the castle.

Games need to be more immersive. I want to be so fully engrossed in a game that I never want to leave and would never have a reason to leave.

Let me know what you think.


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